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Welcome to the 'Tracing our History' site, formerly known as Kevin's Family - Online History Site. It is a site about my family history and history in general, with a particular emphasis on Australian history. Other areas of history covered here are those that have an interest to me.


What's on this Page



News on site updates and sites associated with this site can be followed at the 'Tracing our History' Blog. The feed is at the right.

The directory at left provides a 'portal' to other areas of the site and other sites associated with this site.

If you are able to collaborate in researching our family history and tree, please send me an email and/or pass on information, photos, videos and/or other files and documents that may help in this regard. This site is being built for all members of the family and for prosperity (our descendants). Your help would be appreciated and I am very thankful for all who have already assisted.

This site is dedicated to the memory of those who have gone before, including those of the Lilley, Jenkinson, Baggs, Blanch, Matthews, Randall and Webb families, plus many more. Before he died, my grandfather (Arthur John Matthews) asked me to create a 'Matthews museum.' This then is that museum in a manner slightly different to what he thought likely at the time. This site is especially dedicated to him and his desire for such a thing.

Should you be a member of our family, please consider joining the online community that is being built here via the various social media and web applications linked to.

Thanks, Kevin
12 March 2011



There are many genealogy type social networks available these days, but I don't believe they offer what I would like to see in such a site. There are also a number of social network creation sites that could be fashioned to become a family community site - but my experience has been that these come and go regularly, at least with what they offer and charge. Therefore I will be tinkering with the site a bit and trying to come up with a fairly interactive community type site here for my family and those associated with it.

I am hoping that this site will be useful for both my immediate family and those relatives/wider family members who may live abroad, be distant relatives and even those who are in the family, yet not within my own family line so to speak. It would be great if this site was able to be a useful meeting place for all of us and enable collaborative interaction as we trace our history together. I am very thankful for the many family members who have already contacted me and contributed to the family history/tree, as well as those who continue to do so and will do so in the future - all of your help and collaboration helps to preserve our family history for future generations. Thank you so much for your contribution - even if it is only to say hi and connect with other family members. I look forward to 'meeting' every one of you through this venture and journey together.


What am I hoping to set up here?

There are a number of things I am hoping to have in place here. Some of these ideas I already have in place elsewhere or have been testing for some time. Now I hope to consolidate all of that and put in place tools that will be of enormous help in tracing our history together.

These tools include:

  • A calendar for sharing events, birthdays and other special dates.
  • Forums/Message Boards for encouraging discussion, asking for help in research, sharing discoveries, etc.
  • A Blog for announcements, news from the site, etc - the Tracing our History Blog.
  • A facility for sharing documents, files, etc.
  • A chat facility, allowing family members to set up times for chatting online, etc.
  • A password protected area of the site within which the family tree and book is located, allowing private and secure access to our family history.
  • Links to sites that will be of help - i.e. family member web sites, genealogical tools, background material, etc.
  • A photo sharing facility
  • A video sharing facility

There will probably be other tools and resources online that will help to enhance this site - these I will add as time permits and as I become aware of them.

If you are a family member, can I encourage you to get involved and join the various sites, facilities, etc, that are available via this site. It would be great to be able to draw the family together from around the world, get to know each other, etc.

It is my intention to bring together in this one place, every avenue of assistance and support that I can, to ensure we have all we need to trace our history together. There are resources and sites across the breadth of the Internet, but it will be here that the means will exist for us to pull together all that we glean from it and make it available for all our family to delve into.

For more visit the collaboration page at:


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UPDATED: 25 December 2013 2013