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Tracing our History is seeking to enhance our site through the use of various social networking platforms as means for stimulating collaborative research and meaningful interaction between family members. The sites linked to below offer services that can be used to advance our research together and represent other sites where Tracing our History has a presence in one form or another. I would encourage family members to join the services that appeal to them - if not all of them - an to get involved in the Tracing our History community wherever it may be represented on the World Wide Web.


What's on this Page:


FLICKR - Photo & Video Sharing

I have created a photo and video sharing group at Flickr for family members. If you are a family member and would like to share photos and videos with the family this is the place to go. Of course you need to be a member of Flickr and a family member to do so.

Visit the Tracing our History Group at:

At the moment there are no group options on YouTube. Videos can also be shared via Flickr.


DIIGO - Bookmarking & Researching Tools

Not sure what diigo is? The best thing to do for an explanation of diigo is to vist the site and view the introductory video. It seems to me that diigo is a very good tool for online research and sharing content found on the web.

Our group is private and you will need to request an invitation to join.

Visit the group at:


MICROMOBS - Chat Channels & Online Communication/Sharing

I have created a channel at Micromobs for family members to chat in real time. The Tracing our History channel allows members to post videos, photos and links, as well as chatting in real time. You will need to request an invitation when reaching the site - I will happily send invitations to family members.

There is also a second option at Micromobs with the Tracing our History 'mob' at:


GOOGLE CALENDAR - Birthdays & Events Calendar

I have a private family calendar (Google) in which we can share event details, birthdays, etc. Please contact me if you would like to have access to this calendar - remember, it is for family only.







UPDATED: 25 December 2013 2013