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Thoughts for a November Day
Cambrai Day R.T.R. 


With the inexorable passage of time, with the sureness of the sun in Bunyan's immortal poem, November is with us once more, a month in which on a certain day at an appointed hour time appears to stand still. On that day thoughts travel back over the years to when young men found themselves may be in strange lands often facing desperate situations for which life had but scantily prepared them. Such situations so bonded them together that if "Bill" was in distress Paddy, Jock or Taff would be at his dise in his defence, maybe in consolation certain that in the knowledge that should they be in peril, Bill would likewise be besides them. Honouring that bond meant that many of these men from our homelands or the empire are no longer with us, their now older and less fleetfoot comrades with whom they shared those perilous times. Today we never-the-less feel the presence of those men, still young, amongst us whose gratitude and humility in the light of their sacrifice can never adequately be expressed. The words above, like our emotions never change year by year but seem to signify another reunion, brief but intense with those no longer with us. Not really concluded of course for our comrades in the "GREEN FIELDS" are never far away. We shall return next year. At any meeting of old friends our departed comrades are always with us.

At the going down of the sun we will remember them.

A. J. Matthews 7883399
Royal Tank Corps May 1932
Royal Tank Regiment 1939



ABOVE: In the Tank Corp


UPDATED: 25 December 2013 2013